Content Advisory and Disclaimer

Content advisory:

This comic will be very violent. There will be clear, graphic depiction of bloody injuries, lots of blood and gore altogether, violent death and killing, and torture, with children among the victims.

There will be images that, I hope, will be disturbing.

There will be mild swearing, such as 'damn' and 'bastard.'

There will be no sex directly portrayed; both marriage consummation and fornication will be mentioned in delicate language and be indicated to have happened but not be shown nor described. There will be one instance of unseen sexual violence implied, not involving any named characters.

There may be non-sexual nudity; genitalia will not be shown. Anatomically correct female breasts will be shown on statuary.


Batman was created by Bob Kane and, along with all related characters and elements, is copyright to DC Comics. I make this work purely out of appreciation of the character and will make no monetary profit from it whatsoever.